Aventi Entertainment provides talented DJs with innovative flair and impeccable
mixing skills for nightlife establishments. Some of our services include:
  • Open-format mixing (Top 40, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance)
  • Turntablism (beat mixing & scratching)
  • Hyping up your patrons (emceeing)

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Performing 400 shows a year, Aventi Entertainment continually brings exciting DJ sets to a wide range of audiences.


From Intimate bar/club venues that cater to college demographics, to festival tours of over ten thousand participants, Aventi Entertainment has been able to pride ourself on delivering the best music for each client and/or crowd. 


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DJ Tienda is from Rochester, MN and his favorite genres of music are R&B and Deep Dark House. He enjoys making his own R&B Pop Alternative music in his free time. Fun Fact: He is former Tae Keon Do Junior Olympian.



"The feeling you get from people when they’re completely immersed with the music that you’re mixing, truly unbelievable experience" - DJ Tienda


DJ No-L's originates from Orono, MN and is a big fan anime. His favorite genre of music is Tech House. Fun Fact: Ever since quarantine he started cooking a lot, learning new recipes and trying new tastes. 


"I love the euphoric feeling I get when people are dancing to my music. Being able to control their moods with the music, and I love to eat beats" -DJ No-L's 

Willy C White.png

DJ WillyC is from Rochester, MN and enjoys festivals, concerts, golfing and traveling. His favorite genres of music are Future and Deep House. Fun Fact: His pinky is permanetly bent at a 90 degree angle. 

"What I love most about DJing is the indescribable feeling of helping people escape the world and let loose through music" - DJ WillyC

DJ 3J (3 of 15).jpg

DJ3J is originally from Newport Beach, CA and is very involved in the world of coding as well as DJing. His favorite genres of music include Trance House and Hip-Hop. Fun Fact: DJ3J was the top DJ at Notre Dame during his college years. ​


Sam Street 1.png

"I love the connection you get with a crowd when you're playing. There's nothing else like it" - DJ3J

DJ Sammy Savage is Alexandria, VA born and Rochester, MN raised. His favorite genres of music are Art Pop, Conscious Hip Hop, and Jazz. In his free time he plays the piano and drums. Fun Fact: He got suspended from preschool once... hence "savage"


"I love being able to send people on a nostalgia trip while getting them hyped on new tunes. A well-timed throwback makes both me and them go nuts!" - Sammy Savage


DJ Gavin Boss is hails from Morristown, NJ and enjoys concerts, cooking and throwing a frisbee around in his free time. His favorite genres of music are Future House and Reggae. Fun Fact: He took a flight with the Ying-Yang Twins when he was 13. 


"I love the rush you get when a song hits PERFECTLY with the audience and creates a lasting memory" - DJ Gavin Boss

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 1.04.29 PM.png

BlackCoffeePapi is from St. Charles, MN and is our head of content, videographer and he DJs as well! He enjoys cooking, running, lifting weights and occasionally hitting the driving range. His favorite genres of music are Hip-Hop and R&B. Fun Fact: He was named after James Bond. 

"I love that you have to ability you can control the whole mood of a room with a single song and make it memorable" - BlackCoffeePapi


King Funch is from Rochester, MN and is a DJ and a comedian. His favorite genres of music are 90's R&B and Hip-Hop. In his free time, he writes poetry and comedy. Fun Fact: He can juggle really well. 



"I love having the ability to make the crowd move" - King Funch

melly street 7.png

DJ Shmelly is from Blaine, Minnesota and started DJing when he was 12 years old. His favorite genres of music are House and Rap. In his free time, he enjoys going to his cabin in Crosslake, MN with his family and friends.


"What I love about DJing the most is sharing music with an audience and playing music that the crowd and I both love. The best part is giving people a great time and seeing them react positively to the music and atmosphere I’m playing in" - DJ Shmelly